CaseNotes Enterprise FAQ’s

Here is a list of those frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you were looking for please email

Q Is there a limit to the time that I can record videos?

A When filming within CaseNotes video is limited to 10 mins max. CaseNotes cannot import more than 2 mins of HD video at a time.

Q Why does the application keep asking me to log in?

A After 3 minutes of inactivity the App automatically locks to safeguard your data.

Q Is my data secure within CaseNotes?

A CaseNotes App keeps your data and assets encrypted at all times.

Q Can I download and email my data?

A You can export cases and bundles from the Action Menu in password protected ZIP archives.

Q Are my notes and evidential asets geo-located?

A As long as you have Wifi access your geo-location co-ordinates will be shown per note and evidential asset

Q How accurate is the geo-location positioning on CaseNotes?

A The geo-location shown on CaseNotes via Wifi access is an approximate location, accurate up to 10 metres on GPS enabled devices.

Q Does Casenotes provide an audit trail?

A CaseNotes has a full audit trail, all entries are time stamped and geo-located where possible.

Q How will I know if my notes or evidential assets have been tampered with?

A The CaseNotes audit trail has a tamper-proof feature, any changes to data or assets will be flagged with a red dot.

Q What does the yellow dot mean by my case notes, or assets?

A This means CaseNotes was not able to verify the time, or location of the last update to the case note or asset.

Q The time shown against my case note is not my local time (ie. PST) – why?

A CaseNotes always attempts to verify the time on the device – to make this consistent it works with UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time) – for further details see

Q I’ve lost my login password – what can I do?

A Enter your username in the Login screen, and then press ‘Reset Password’ – answering your security question will reset your password.

Q Can I print my cases?

A You can print your cases and bundles from the Action Menu, provided your iPad can see an AirPrint capable printer.

Q Is there a limit to the number of cases I can create?

A CaseNotes is only limited by the amount of available storage space on your iPad – it does not limit the number of cases you can create itself.

Q I imported a video/photo into CaseNotes, but it’s still there in the iPad Camera Roll – why?

A CaseNotes takes a secure copy of the everything you import, leaving the original behind for you to use elsewhere.

Q I imported an email attachment into CaseNotes, but it stays in the ‘Documents’ browser forever – why?

A CaseNotes presently leaves the original after taking a secure copy. If you uncheck ‘Delete original’ when importing an document, you will need to manually remove imported attachments by using iTunes.

Q I cannot view an imported PDF/Word Document/image within CaseNotes.

A CaseNotes does not yet detect the type of the imported document. This is planned for a future release.

Q How long can I record audio for?

A There is no specific limit – other than the storage space available on the device. We recommend no more than 20 minutes at a time.

Q Why does the app seem to freeze when I export / print?

A Large cases or bundles of cases can take time to process when printing or exporting, please be patient and the app will return to normal.


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