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Background Screening Case Management

Our Background Screening Case Management (BCM) tool is a cloud-based solution for orchestrating due diligence either pre-employment or prior to granting positions of substantial authority. It is equally suitable for ongoing screening where there is a need for frequent and repeated background checks of employees in high risk roles.

Across industry there is a growing awareness of the importance of background screening as a means of verifying a person is who they claim to be, and ensuring that prospective recruits have the competence and capability to fulfil the role into which they are being hired. Regulatory and compliance drivers are also dictating that businesses invest considerable effort in screening individuals for evidence of past illegal or material misconduct. This is especially true in leadership roles holding power and authority as employers needs assurance that role holders are worthy of such trust.

 Background Screening Case Management

Despite its intrinsic worth, background screening remains an incredibly complex activity and can throw up numerous challenges due to the many different combinations of check required, and mechanics of a screening process which can give rise to numerous concurrent leads of enquiry. Any, or all, of these leads are susceptible to dilution or loss in the fog of follow-up communication, leading to delay and inconclusive outcomes.

The Blackthorn Background Screening Case Management system provides a framework for ensuring investigations follow a considered and optimised plan, proportionate and relevant to the role in question. It ensures consistency across checks of a similar type and underpins the hire or promote decision by capturing the information needed to inform such decisions. It does this while also demonstrating fairness and objectivity in the execution of such judgements. The BCM system frees up time and resources by delegating responsibility for tasks to those best placed to accomplish, and by minimising the administrative burden associated with the collection, organisation and analysis of data, evidence and other inputs to a case. System generated reports further ease the level of administrative overhead.

Our BCM system can be used to assess whether a potential hire is fit for the purpose of employment, whether access to secret data possess significant risk, to inform decisions on the award of potential loans, or any other assessment of an individual’s good standing. There are many types of due diligence check that can be conducted, with employers using a mix of those to fulfil a broader background screening requirement

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 Background Screening Case Management


  • Built on core modules
  • Easily extendable and customisable
  • Intuitive, clear user interface
  • User configured reports and dashboards: information you need at your fingertips
  • Drill-down; detail accessible but not at expense of clarity
  • Workflow to ensure methodical and repeatable execution
  • Build automated PDF and Emails
  • Tools for assigning, managing and reporting on requests
  • Sophisticated role based access control to ensure secure partitioning of information


  • Easy identification of workload of requests across the organisation
  • Optimised time management with workflow, task assignment and user alerting
  • Build PDF reports to HR automatically
  • Send status update emails to department to ensure they kept informed
  • Full audit trail; users fully accountable for their actions
  • Segregation of case information ensuring personal information is only reviewed by appropriate personnel
  • Special handling for highly sensitive employees
  • Secure storage of data with channel encryption on remote links
  • Clean, intuitive user interface reducing any training requirements
  • Wide range of supported platforms e.g. tablet, laptop, desktop

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