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Coroners Case Management System

Our Coroner Case Management System (CCMS) solution is an on-premise or cloud-based application for coordinating the many facets of an investigation into unnatural or violent death. It enables collaboration allowing bereaved families, healthcare professionals, the police, registrars, pathologists, and other interested parties to directly input information and monitor progress and outcomes as appropriate. It supports the organisation of resources, both people and assets, and creation of processes allowing repeatable patterns of activity (workflow) to be defined and accomplished. Work activities, whether planned or ad-hoc, can be identified, delegated, monitored and reported on, giving the Coroner’s Office staff full visibility of the many and varied threads of work and overall status of an investigation as it advances. Essentially, everything in one place needed to support an enquiry and achieve timely determination.

 Coroners Case Management

With national policy and guidance advocating larger coronial areas, technology is an important enabler helping ensure the delivery of a consistent and efficient service that meets the needs of a wide and diverse audience. This audience might include bereaved families, Coroner’s Office staff, agencies, law enforcement and local and district councils. Technology can also provide a platform and necessary compliance controls for effective corporate and information governance.

Our case management software drives efficiencies and the achievement of positive outcomes by supporting all aspects of an investigation. This includes data capture, data management, decision making, tasking, tracking, document and form generation and internal/statutory reporting. Powerful workflow ensures effective alignment of operational processes and response strategies; customisable e-Forms simplify data capture; and a searchable, secure database ensures ease of access to case data (where there is authority). Configurable dashboards, with ‘drill-down’ functionality, ensure important information falls readily to hand, while automatic alerting and user action lists (“My-Tasks”) make certain that effort is appropriately channelled, and investigations advance without undue delay. User access control underpins a multifaceted governance model with the flexibility to ensure that the level of access to case information is commensurate with the user’s needs and authorisation, and that personal information in particular is handled and controlled in line with GDPR legislation.

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 Coroners Case Management


  • Centralised management and handling of 'case' information
  • Context sensitive eForm for data collection
  • Graphical tools to construct and organise case data and evidence
  • Role based security for secure partitioning of information
  • Workflow management for process automation
  • Evidence tracking
  • Automatic creation of papers and files for court (option)
  • Case accountability follows the advancement of the case and is dynamically allocated
  • User configurable dashboards providing fast access to key case & management information
  • RESTful interfaces for interoperability
  • Powerful search engine for accessing cases
  • Analysis tools to help identify associations across cases.


  • Clean, intuitive user interface reducing any training requirements
  • Simplifies and automates complex processes
  • Collates and centralises data for improved collaborative working
  • Automation and workflow improve efficiency and access to data
  • Full visibility of pending, critical, overdue tasks etc.
  • Full audit trail making users fully accountable for their actions
  • Secure storage of data with channel encryption on remote links
  • Wide range of supported platforms including tablets, laptops, desktops
  • Reduces need for paper-based documents
  • Improves data quality by eliminating human error.

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