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Fraud Case Management System

Our Fraud Case Management (FCM) tool is an on-premise or cloud-based solution that ensures that all types of fraud investigation follow a structured and disciplined approach, and that the conduct of investigations does not compromise the outcome. Fraud investigations often prove difficult and time-consuming, as well as deliver unacceptable outcomes due to process irregularities, loss of confidentiality, poor handling of evidence, ill-informed decisions, etc.

 Fraud Investigation Case Management

Suitable for investigating both insider-fraud (fraudulent activity within the workplace) and misdemeanours conducted by the criminal fraternity against a corporate or civil entity, the Blackthorn Fraud Case Management system provides a framework for ensuring that investigations follow a considered and optimised plan, evidence is carefully organised and maintained and there is a case chronology. It also ensures that any hypothesis can be tested or rebutted until reasonable conclusions are drawn. Additionally, channels for whistleblowing are provided so that staff and/or citizens suspicious of wrongdoing can make disclosures easily and in-confidence.

Complex investigations, at least the successful ones, apply a ‘case theory’ approach where an initial evaluation of the available facts leads to conjecture over the likely approach taken to achieve the fraud. An investigative plan follows, setting out the actions necessary to orchestrate the strategy and prove whether the conjecture was right. In the execution of the plan, proof is gathered of the steps taken to commit the offence, or the plan adjusted to take account of new information, understanding and revised conjecture. Workflow within the Blackthorn Fraud Case Management system helps orchestrate the proposed investigative plan, ensuing that actions mandated by the plan (repeatable patterns of activity) are properly coordinated and achieved in predefined sequence. It also ensures that there is a recognised ‘gate keeper’ at all critical decision points.

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 Fraud Investigation Case Management


  • Centralised management and handling of 'case' information
  • Context sensitive eForm for data collection
  • Graphical tools to construct and organise case data and evidence
  • Role based security for secure partitioning of information
  • Workflow management for process automation
  • Evidence tracking
  • Automatic creation of papers and files for court (option)
  • Case accountability follows the advancement of the case and is dynamically allocated
  • User configurable dashboards providing fast access to key case & management information
  • RESTful interfaces for interoperability
  • Powerful search engine for accessing cases
  • Analysis tools to help identify associations across cases.


  • Clean, intuitive user interface reducing any training requirements
  • Simplifies and automates complex processes
  • Collates and centralises data for improved collaborative working
  • Automation and workflow improve efficiency and access to data
  • Full visibility of pending, critical, overdue tasks etc.
  • Full audit trail making users fully accountable for their actions
  • Secure storage of data with channel encryption on remote links
  • Wide range of supported platforms including tablets, laptops, desktops
  • Reduces need for paper-based documents
  • Improves data quality by eliminating human error

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