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Investigation Case Management

Our Investigation Case Management (ICM) system is an on-premise or cloud-based solution for conducting a formal enquiry, systematic study or other activity to establish facts about something hidden, unique or complex. A typical investigation involves the collection and examination of written or recorded evidence, interviews with suspects and witnesses, and possibly also digital and/or wet forensics. The investigation is undertaken in accordance with a strategy, either set out in policy or established concurrently to meet the investigation’s specific needs and challenges. If internal, it might require consultation with managers, department heads, HR, legal, possibly even law enforcement agencies.

Risk Mitigation

Our Investigation Case Management platform enables collaboration, allowing investigators, stakeholders and business functions to move through the multiple stages of an assessment quickly and easily, and to monitor progress and outcomes as appropriate. It supports the organisation of resources, both people and assets, and the creation of processes allowing repeatable patterns of activity (workflow) to be defined and accomplished.


The benefits

The benefits delivered by Investigation Case Manager include:

  • orchestrated handling of cases, based on a set of pre-defined, choreographed and proven actions aligned to investigation type
  • clear accountability in terms of roles and responsibilities
  • paper trail ensuring provenance and admissibility in court of case records and evidence artefacts
  • key information elevated to forefront for improved situational awareness, insight, and decision-making
  • control over the structure, processing and usage of case information
  • authority management for effective and guaranteed ring-fencing of case information (access based on need-to-know)
  • alerts and notifications for improved awareness of targets, deadlines and 'need-for-action' to move investigations forward
  • keeps investigations on track by ensuring actions endure and are not lost or diluted in the fog of investigative communication.
  • Our case management software drives efficiencies and the achievement of positive outcomes by supporting all aspects of an investigation. This includes data capture, data management, decision making, tasking, tracking, document and form generation and internal/statutory reporting

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Investigation Management System

To read the full details of Blackthorn's Investigation Management System benefits and capabilities please refer to our 'Investigation Management System' G-Cloud 12 document below:

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