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Law Enforcement Case Management

Our Law Enforcement Case Management (LECM) service is an on-premises or cloud-based solution that helps Government departments and Agencies handle sensitive enforcement cases such as immigration, food standards, boarder control and human slavery. Enforcement can often prove difficult and time consuming, with many concurrent threads of investigation, high numbers of contributors, and large volumes of data, including evidential items. Organising this data so that it is identifiable, accessible and searchable, while preserving confidentiality, is a permanent challenge. Maintaining evidence, including witness statements, and preparing files for court can also present a significant challenge.

Investigate Wrongdoing and prosecute those responsible

Our LECM system is optimised for law enforcement, with tools for tracking progress and advancement against pre-defined and pre-approved investigation strategies. It shares much in common with our standard Investigation Case Management solution but incorporates extensions allowing information to be exchanged digitally with the courts. This avoids the need for paper files, file bundles and other types of data exchange media. Information sharing between the LECM system and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is achieved with the established and widely used TWIF (Two-Way Interface)


The benefits

our LECM solution allows users to capture information pertinent to an investigation with full audit history and reporting capabilities. Our Law Enforcement Case Management service enables collaboration, allowing investigators, stakeholders and business functions to move through the multiple stages of assessment quickly and easily, and to monitor progress and outcomes as appropriate. It supports the organisation of resources, both people and assets, and the creation of processes allowing repeatable patterns of activity to be defined (workflow) and accomplished.

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Incident (Security) Response System

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