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(Security) Incident Response Management

Our Incident Response Management (IRM) solution is an on-premise or cloud-based application for handling crisis situations. It helps organisations achieve a focused and coordinated response to major incidents. This solution is particularly suited to security/cyber incident management but can be used in any situation that is threatening and has the potential to cause harm to people or property, disrupt operations, damage reputation or negatively impact the bottom line. Such situations include environmental damage, industrial accidents and confrontational matters.

An organisation’s speed-of-response is often critical

In a crisis, a slow response provides greater opportunity for the crisis to intensify or expand its footprint, increasing proportionally the response effort. Experience, forethought, planning, and timely communication are all critical to negating both the threat and impact, and in turn, minimising the inevitable downside.


The benefits

Our Incident Response Management solution ensures:

  • delivery of a rapid, proactive response based on pre-defined strategies aligned to incident type
  • effective orchestration of strategies
  • effective communication between members of the response team and between the response team and third parties i.e. corporate stakeholders, external agencies, authorities, law enforcement, media etc.
  • clear accountability in terms of roles and responsibilities
  • access to tools for capturing information and ring-fencing information admissible in court
  • opportunities to evaluate and optimise the response strategy(ies), raising team familiarity and awareness.
  • Our software drives efficiencies and the achievement of positive outcomes by supporting all aspects of a response. This includes data capture and analysis, decision making, remediation, and response tracking. Powerful workflow management ensures effective alignment with planned and authorised response strategies, high-fidelity e-Forms simplify data capture, and a searchable, secure database ensures ease of access (whilst preserving case confidentiality).

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Incident (Security) Response System

To read the full details of Blackthorn's Incident (Security) Response System benefits and capabilities please refer to our 'Incident (Security) Response System' G-Cloud 12 document below:

Incident (Security) Response System

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