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We are ISO 27001 Accredited!

28-Aug-2020 Blackthorn Admin

Our customers can be satisfied knowing that we abide by the ISO 27001 standards of information security management!

We are living wage compliant!

28-Aug-2020 Blackthorn Admin

We look after our employees and care about their development, read more about our values as a company on our 'About' page

The Importance of Information Security

25-Aug-2020 Sian Reid

The global pandemic has resulted in hundreds of businesses transferring from secure office environments to home-based working. While that has been beneficial for numerous individuals, we have started to rely even more on internet-based services and virtual communication styles. But are we thinking about our information security?
While you are comfortable working from the comfort of your home you should be confident that your information is safe and secure!

What is information security?

There are various types of information such as personal and business that come in both digital and non-digital formats. Your information is an asset and is highly important!

Information security, also known as ‘infosec’, ensures that all types of data are protected from unauthorized access. This should be a concern for every business regardless of size or industry, as important data is transmitted throughout the working day and needs to be stored in a safe place when it is not. I am sure you would be very uneasy with a third party or a competitor reading your private data-rich emails!

Information that is hacked, harmed, corrupted or stollen can have serious effects on a company and its employees. Damaging a company’s image/ reputation, disrupting plans, putting employees at risk, potentially ending the business etc.

What is information security?

Put simply: confidence and security. When your information is secure you are keeping your company safe by:

  • Protecting all data that is used and gained by the organisation
  • Ensuring that all data is backed- up
  • Improving the reputation of your business through adopting a strong security framework
  • Keeping your employees safe and confident within the company
  • Allowing applications and technology to be used safely (regardless of location)

There is so much to consider when protecting your information, surely there must be an easier way...

How can Blackthorn help you and your organisation?

At Blackthorn, security is our priority!

We have several components in place to ensure that all our case managements systems and software solutions are always secure. By allowing us to take care of your Information Security needs, you and your organisation can focus on your day-to-day tasks, confidently knowing that Blackthorn is working hard to provide you with a secure security framework and maintaining it for you.

We go above and beyond! While following the industry standard CIA principles (confidentiality, Integrity and availability) we also provide Blackthorn data encryption, secure Cloud hosting and so much more!
Our technically knowledgeable, UK based support team are on hand to support you at a level that matches your needs which adds an additional level of security and confidence in our services.

Blackthorn is the enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (eGRC) vendor.

We have a passion for helping organisations remove complexity, quantify and manage information
risk across business and technology.