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Our History

2002 - QCC Information Security Limited created a Microsoft Access application called Secure Incident Database (SID).

2004 - SID was transformed into a Web Application at which point Ian Hardman was first involved.

2010 - SID was rebranded to Blackthorn.

2012 - With the success of the application, the application was transferred to a new company, with new ownership, called Blackthorn Technologies Limited.

Dec 2015 - Blackthorn GRC Limited launched as the vehicle to take products and software forward.

Our Values

“Customer Focused” -

We only exist because of our customers. Yes, we do inform you the direction you should take, but ultimately it is your decision. We are here for a long term relationship with you and as a result our support is known to be second to none. There is no point having a great system if you are not sure how to use it. No matter how many manuals you have, the user always prefers to be able to pick up the telephone and speak to someone who actually knows how to resolve your problem AND that is what we supply.

“Fair Price for a fair Job” -

We believe in growing ourselves and clients companies together and it is the only partnership that will truly bring value. Our prices reflect a true image of our expertise in the field. We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive. However, our clients recognise our value for money and that's why we have so much repeat business.

“Keep it simple” -

There are lots of buzz words around these days. Minimum Viable Product, Minimum Marketable Product, Lean, etc. . We believe MMP is probably the closest thing here. It is fine working in small iterations (MVP) but you must keep your eye on the goal. Build the basics first, but the basics must be sufficient to actually give significant benefit to the business.

“Not Style over Substance” -

Many applications these days look fabulous in the demonstrations but when you start using the product you realise it simply won’t meet your needs. We do get criticism that our product isn't keen on the eye, however it does do the job. The question is do you want an application that looks nice or an application that can actually do stuff. We are working on the styling and try to give you the best mixture of both.

“We are with our employees for the ride” -

We value our employees as they are key to anything to everything. We are here to progress their careers. We are a small company but we want them to find jobs elsewhere in the industry if we are not furthering their career. Our workplace is simply a great place to work, with friendly colleagues, interesting clients & challenging work. Ex-employees want to come back and work with us.

“Don’t run before you can walk” -

We prefer to split projects into phases; making sure it works in practice before moving on to the next. We prefer to use existing, well used technology, rather than cutting edge in our production system. Why should our clients be guinea pigs for just release technology.

“We are responsible for what we give you” -

It does not matter if we are supplying you something that we have produced entirely or uses a third party product, it is our responsibility to sort any problems you are having. We use our Blackthorn product internally so we can experience any problems you may have ourselves before you encounter them.

Our Ethics

We believe passionately in:

What We Do -

We love helping you to do your valuable jobs. We love it when you track the perpetrator and convict them, or when someone is injured, making sure it can never happen again, or helping banks give out the correct compensation to customers who actually have been wronged. Though not as immediately visible, we love just as much helping you with your preventative activities. From ensuring buildings are a safe and secure place to work in, to making sure HSE guidelines are followed to prevent accidents, to Vetting staff to ensure the wrong type of person is not employed, to credit card PCI compliance.

How We Do It -

We always pride ourselves in doing the best job we can for the price you can afford. Budgets are tight and it is both our responsibilities to make sure that money is targeted where you are going to get biggest bang for your buck.

Who We Do It For -

We treat our clients and employees as family. We are not here for what’s in it for ourselves, but what we can achieve together, and how we better society as a whole. We want to be proud to say we are working for you, at the same time you knowing that we are doing the very best to help you achieve your goals. It is only by making you happy that gives us pride and leads to our job satisfaction and growing our business by getting future work.

Blackthorn is the enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (eGRC) vendor.

We have a passion for helping organisations remove complexity, quantify and manage information
risk across business and technology.